Even in spite of the huge selection, which has a secondary car market today, many motorists prefer to order cars from the United States. This is not surprising - their exquisite style and high quality speak for themselves. But the fact that buy cars in the US city can be in excellent condition and complete further contributes to the solution in favor of the acquisition.

US machines have come a long long way of development over a century, but at all times they were united by one thing - unrivaled build quality, unique design, high power, and a huge range of products, able to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding American. American cars - real legends of the world of roads, a symbol of wealth, prosperity and freedom.

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How to buy a car in America?

With our company, you can buy any car in the American auto auctions and dealer sites Cars.com and Autotrader.com. The choice of cars at auctions in North America and Canada, is very large. The average American car upgrades in 3-4 years, so every minute to bid hundreds of used cars are exhibited in the United States. And the biggest auction such as Manheim system, in terms of sales ahead of the annual production volumes of major US automakers. The system includes auto auctions 124 located in America. Trades are conducted online. The presence of the buyer at the auction not trebuetsya.My supply new / used cars from America to order, and we guarantee you a complete, accurate information about the condition of the car.

Who can buy cars in the American auto auctions?

Regular car owner can buy a car from the United States, at an auction with our help. Most car auctions of America - dealer. The sale of cars are involved only professional Autobroker who pay money for access to the auction data. The main advantage of buying the car at the car auction in America is that the buyer, while virtually anywhere in the world can get the most out of your next used car information. US auctions for car buyers to provide reliable data on the cars run, date of last maintenance, damaged bodywork and even the estimated cost of repairs. All information about the car you see in the map of the auction, it is checked repeatedly. In addition, any used car from America, you can check on the electronic databases of Carfax data and Autocheck.

What cars can be purchased at US auto auctions?

The American market - the most rich and varied. On it are almost all cars in the world. The only exceptions are some cars with a home market of Japan. As for the rest, you can choose to auction US virtually any used car, American, European, Japanese and South Korean production.

How to buy a car in the American auto auctions?

Buy a car at an auction in America you can with the help of SERVERCARS. Our company delivers cars from the US to order. We work directly with Auto Auction Manheim, Adesa, Copart, and others. We have the right to participate in trading on the American auto auctions and are happy to offer you a complete package of services related to the purchase and delivery of cars from the United States b / from anywhere in the world. Turning to us, you will get a quality car from the United States, without intermediaries, that is, at the best price. Complete information about the machine is presented in the pre-sales description of the car. There's also presented photos of the car and score of the five-point scale.

Buy high-quality cars for the accurate price now SERVERCARS!

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