The car is bought at a US auction. After payment equipment is taken and transported to one of the nearby ports. Transported by one of the accredited at the auction transport companies. Shipping cost is US $ 0.7-1.2 vehicle per mile, delivery period 2 - 10 days. More accurate delivery cars from the states shown in the table below. Container handling is carried out in the states of New Jersey (NJ), Virginia (VA), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL), Texas (TX), California (CA), Illinois (IL).

The car is delivered to the port of export customs pass, loaded in 40 ft container. The container includes 3 medium-sized car. The container is loaded onto a ship and sent to the destination port. Delivery takes 3-6 weeks. The cost of insurance is 1.5% of the declared value of the car.

The container arrives at the port of destination. Then, on request, a container is transported to the customer at the right city, where the customs clearance. Upon receipt of the vehicle you need to carry a passport, Title (registration certificate), Bill of Sale (bill of sale), Bill of Lading (bill handling). Our regional representatives will advise you in all matters.

Registration and calculation of delivery